Our new life

Life moves on and we settled into a relationship. The large skinny dog filled out slowly and was very respectful of her home.

One small issue was the tail. The long wagging, expressive tail would occasionally remove items from the coffee table, my bedside table, chairs, shelves and so forth. Most things were not an issue and I learned to live with the bits on the floor, especially in my bedroom.

Tak’s bedroom doubled as my office. I was an adjunct professor and full-time high-tech entrepreneur, so my workspace was necessary. Her bed, nearly four feet of it, was placed by the radiator and next to my small bookcase. It became apparent that Tak’s tendency to use the lower books for a head rest probably meant that those books were getting much more attention than my students were giving theirs.

One of Tak's favorite things was company. Visitors were greeted and she made the rounds to everyone. During house concerts she would listen to music and bounce up and bark as everyone applauded. She often stole the show.

Tak became the favorite at most of the establishments she regularly frequented. From the kennel where she was groomed and stayed during my business trips to the antique shops that found her charming, everyone was a fan of Tak’s. I was her attendant, but it was a wonderful thing.
Left: The house sitter left. Now its my spot.

Right: Tak being in a scientific residence soon became active in the Skeptics movement and was featured on the "I doubt It" website.

In fact Tak attended several lectures and was often instrumental in changing some minds about the relevance of animal intelligence. She certainly changed mine.
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