Barking Bad!



We celebrated holidays like any little family. Developed traditions and even created a few that centered solely on Tak.


Halloween was particularly important because it meant costumes.

Tak being a wise and tolerant sole knew it was temporary. So the Quidditch goggles, black & red cloak and an official Firebolt was more than just laughs, it was a statement.

Everyone's favorite costume was based in the popular TV series Breaking Bad with a twist. (For the record, it is cake flour.)

Our foray into politics was last October, when Tak encouraged people to vote for the candidate that would be worthy of a dog's love. Tak canvassed Clifton and walked the business district with stickers and was probably the more worthy candidate.

Below right: Sadly every year Tak would garner more Christmas gifts than me. I could not have been more pleased.


Tak served as the corporate Easter greeting one year. And the original to the right.

To say she was a good sport, is an understatement.
Christmas 2015. Yes Tak received stuffed animals, some bacon treats and generally almost everything any dog could want. I got an antique truck.
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